kona beach

A Day At The Beach (With Just A Few Minor Grievances)

The sand was white. Well, more accurately it was beige, but that really…

01/06/2017 standard
Health & Fitness

Yoga & Surf in Tofino

I’ll admit, it’s not the warmest corner of the world. But who doesn’t…

10/30/2016 standard

Notes on Florence

July 9, 2016 Outside my window, a man plays an accordion and the…

07/22/2016 standard

6 Things We Learned While In Rome

#OhRome. It was a fitting expression (or hashtag) from the first moment we…

07/15/2016 standard

A To-Do List For Santorini, Greece

It’s always been on my list, so it’s kind of hard to believe…

07/14/2016 standard

My Favourite Mishap

One of my favourite unfavourable mishaps is when you show up to collect…

06/23/2016 standard

#30by30: Making Space For The Traveler Within Me

There were good signs right from the start. First of all, I slept…

06/18/2016 standard
Health & Fitness

Nashville, Tennessee: The Low Down

It’s exactly like you imagine it will be. Cowboy hats, fried chicken and…

05/30/2016 standard

The Great Ocean Road: Play by Play, Minute by Minute

Synopsis: Three Canadian girls, get their hands on a borrowed (no, not stolen,…

11/06/2015 standard