Our First Impressions of Fes

(I wrote this one that day and transcribed later so it should be…

05/21/2010 standard

Beach and Beer

We pulled up to Residence Fluerie, so looking forward to a few days…

05/15/2010 standard

Thank Goodness for Pizza

Friday. Travel day. We had to get up at 6am and breakfast was…

05/14/2010 standard

The Longest Day of my Life

We had to wake up at 345am (vomit, when am I going to…

05/12/2010 standard

Cruising through the Atlas Mountains

We woke up around 7am the next morning and scrambled about to re-pack…

05/11/2010 standard

Our First Moments in Morocco

We arrived into the Marrakech airport just after 10am local time, pretty disoriented…

05/10/2010 standard

Advice for Traveling Morocco

A friend of a friend recently was in Morocco and took the time…

04/13/2010 standard