Take a Real Break And Find A Day Like This

First real day off work since June 30, 2014. Starting a company is…

04/01/2015 standard
Health & Fitness

Allow Gratitude To Bloom Within You

Yesterday was a day filled with inspired conversations. Today was a day filled…

04/01/2015 standard

My Second Home

Padangbai. Where I was never meant to stay. And where I can’t bear…

01/21/2011 standard

A Night on the Town

Hmm… not sure what I want to publish here for details. And really,…

01/20/2011 standard

Magic in Ubud

A man named Stephen Kot created a beautiful video that really captures Bali……

01/19/2011 standard

“Learning About Self”

Well. I just spent an entire day’s budget on a rehearsed fake palm…

01/18/2011 standard

Waking up in Bali & The Balinese Massage

Jan 16 @ 3am… I’m here. In Bali. For real. I can hardly…

01/16/2011 standard