Notes on Florence

July 9, 2016 Outside my window, a man plays an accordion and the…

07/22/2016 standard

A To-Do List For Santorini, Greece

It’s always been on my list, so it’s kind of hard to believe…

07/14/2016 standard

#30by30: Making Space For The Traveler Within Me

There were good signs right from the start. First of all, I slept…

06/18/2016 standard

Where Am I?

Lady. Lady. Excuse me, lady. I blinked my eyes open, sloppy and disoriented…

10/04/2013 standard

The Spain I Was Hoping For

Well… This place is magical. I spent my afternoon biking through the Jardin…

10/03/2013 standard

My Review of Barcelona…

All I had to do was print my stupid ticket. I had shown…

09/29/2013 standard

The Journey To Spain

I haven’t been traveling alone since 2011. South East Asia. I wound up…

09/26/2013 standard

One Last Craic

Dublin was our final stop. Kaley had a couple of friends in Dublin…

05/11/2013 standard

The Other Irish Stout

We only had 24 hours in Cork. It was a one night stopover…

05/09/2013 standard