And On The Last Night, The Earth Shook

Well, have I ever got a story for you… It was nearing the…

04/17/2012 standard

Our Final Ride through Maipu (hehe, say it aloud)

Our last weekend in Mendoza was phenomenal. Friday evening we were invited to…

04/15/2012 standard

An Escape into the Andes

I feel inspried enough to write today, which is sort of an accomplishment….

04/12/2012 standard

Como se dice “wine teeth”?

I can’t believe I’m back here. It’s been just over three years since…

04/06/2012 standard

Adios Buenos Aires!

I just had 12 pairs of underwear, 8 tops, 2 pairs of pants…

03/30/2012 standard

A Dance through Argentina’s History

In an attempt to get out of our comfortable little casa and see…

03/28/2012 standard

A Weekend in Buenos Aires

So we’re really finding our groove here in Buenos Aires. I’m on a…

03/26/2012 standard

Back to la Escuela

Our alarms went off at 630am (probably about the time we went to…

03/20/2012 standard

How do you say St. Patrick’s Day in Espanol?

We sat there in the dark little restaurant, entranced. I’m not sure if…

03/18/2012 standard