San, Sun and So Much Salsa

It was our final day in Cuba and it was a little cloudy,…

11/17/2010 standard

In The Navy

I think the unsettling fear that there would simply be no way to…

11/16/2010 standard

Important Lessons in History… and Research

We strolled down into our casa kitchen this morning for some homemade breakfast…

11/15/2010 standard

A Day in the Life

You know what they say – you don’t know a culture until you’ve…

11/14/2010 standard

Quickly but Unsurely

Okay, before I go any further I guess I should really introduce Cuba…

11/13/2010 standard

Stinky Cheese in Santa Clara

So, we ended up deciding to stay a night in Santa Clara. Okay….

11/12/2010 standard

Our First Impressions of Fes

(I wrote this one that day and transcribed later so it should be…

05/21/2010 standard

Beach and Beer

We pulled up to Residence Fluerie, so looking forward to a few days…

05/15/2010 standard

Thank Goodness for Pizza

Friday. Travel day. We had to get up at 6am and breakfast was…

05/14/2010 standard