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44 Reasons To Drink Wine (And How To Justify The Shit Out Of It)

We’ve all been there. Deliberating, eyes darting back and forth, trying to make…

12/27/2016 standard
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Yoga & Surf in Tofino

I’ll admit, it’s not the warmest corner of the world. But who doesn’t…

10/30/2016 standard
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Nashville, Tennessee: The Low Down

It’s exactly like you imagine it will be. Cowboy hats, fried chicken and…

05/30/2016 standard
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Meditation: Because I Think I Need It

Meditation. I’ve done it before, only during yoga classes or at retreats, when…

05/07/2016 standard
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My Personal Account Of My Flu-Cold Hybrid That Is Plaguing My Existence

When you’re the CEO of your own company, there are a lot of…

11/19/2015 standard
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Allow Gratitude To Bloom Within You

Yesterday was a day filled with inspired conversations. Today was a day filled…

04/01/2015 standard
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4 Steps To Curing Your Hangover

You guys. Stop wasting your day in agony from your bad ass hungover. There’s…

01/22/2015 standard
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Yoga Life

Some people think yoga is easy. Just a bunch of chicks in over-priced…

01/09/2015 standard